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A support and advocacy organization for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and those that care for them.

Run by the chemically injured for the benefit of the chemically injured and focuses primarily on education, credible research into MCS and the empowerment of the chemically injured.

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The following is a listing of the contents for each back issue:

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 4, No. 5

(March/April 1999)
arrow Lead Story: Deadly Brain Tumors on the Rise: Chemical Causation and a Promising New Bacterial Treatment

Summary Articles:

* Gastrointestinal MCS Symptoms Explained by RIDS
* Adverse Reactions of Pharmaceutical Additives
* Aspartame-Triggered Headaches
* CNS Problem Behavior from Toxic Maternal Smoking
* Cellular Phone EMFs Raise Blood Pressure
* 15 Million Children at Risk from ETS
* Objective Injury and Record $6.6 Million MCS Settlement
* WC Awarded for MCS Cardiac Sensitivity
* China Awards Damages for Diazinon Personal Injury
* City of Santa Clara ADA Accommodations for MCS/EI
* Lawsuit Targets Illegal Pesticide Safety Claims
* Los Angeles Sued for Clean Water Act Violations
* Government Agencies Warn of Formaldehyde Hazards

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 4, No. 4

(January/February 1999)
arrow Lead Story: Admissibility of Clinical Testimony and the Daubert Factors: A Federal Court Review of RADS and Other chemical Injury Cases

Summary Articles:

* Neuropsychiatric and immune changes in MCS Challenge Test
* Sick building Symptoms Associated with Dampness
* SPECT Detects Early CNS Chemical Injury
* Variable EMFs alter Nocturnal Heart Function
* Genotoxicity from OP Pesticides in the Home
* Carpet Toxicity Associated with MCS
* Bedrest Atrophy May be Reduced by Vitamin E
* Cognitive Testimony Allowed for Dursban Plaintiff
* Coverage Barred for Sick Courthouse Building
* Hospital Seeks to Intervene in Tobacco Settlement
* Silicone Award Upheld Against Dow Chemical
* Criminal Contempt Action Ordered Against DuPont

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 4, No. 3

(Nov/December 1998)
arrow Lead Story: Perfume Toxicity, Sensitivity, Accommodation and Disability - Part Two: Courtesy and Legal Action

Summary Articles:

* Chemical Odor Intolerance and Cardiopulmonary Risk
* EMF-Linked Disorders Confirmed in Humans
* Copper Plumbing and Gastrointestinal Upset
* Chemicals leach from Intact Silicone Implants
* Toxic Brain Injury Correlated by PET
* IAQ and Exposure in stationary Vehicles
* Cholinesterase Not a Reliable Indicator of OP Pesticide Poisoning
* Rushed $206 Billion Tobacco Sweetheart Deal Challenged
* CA Declares Diesel exhaust a Carcinogenic Pollutant
* SBS Class Action Settled During Trial
* Chemical Leak Leads to #3.8 Million Punitive Damages
* Voluntary Testing Agreement with Manufacturers Announced
* Biomaterials Law Protects Chemical Suppliers
* Hercules, Uniroyal Liable for $102 Million for Dioxin Site

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 4, No. 2

(Sept/October 1998)
arrow Lead Story: Perfume Toxicity, Sensitivity, Accommodation and Disability - Part Two: The Regulatory Void and Fragrance Use for Public Behavior Control

Summary Articles:

* Environmental Pesticides Show Synergistic Estrogenic Effects
* EEG confirms Food-Induced Abnormalities in ADUD children
* Polyurethane Implants Cause Increased Cancer Risk
* Radiofrequency Sickness from Modulated Microwaves
* Vitamin C Protects Against Porphyric Effects of Cadmium
* CDC GWS conference Will Address MCS research
* San Francisco Groundwork for Accommodating MCS
* Ruling against FDA Regulation of Tobacco Challenged
* $3.2 Million Award for Coal Tar Cancer
* Tobacco Industry Wins ETS Wrongful Death Suit
* GAO Testifies Against Flawed Government GWS Research
* Herbal Medicine Sellers Subject to Liability

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 4, No. 1

(July/August 1998)
arrow Lead Story: Perfume Toxicity, Sensitivity, Accommodation and Disability - Part One: Evidence of Health Hazards

Summary Articles:

* "Golf Ball Liver" Caused by Herbicides
* Organochlorines Linked with CFS and Chemical Sensitivities
* Abnormal Cerebrospinal Fluid in Toxic Encephalopathy
* ETS May Cause Irreversible Atherosclerosis
* WA Governor Proclaims MCS Awareness Week
* Dow Settles Silicone Claims for $3.2 Billion
* Manteca Hospital Develops MCS Accommodation Policy
* Lockheed agrees to $60 Million in Cleanup Costs
* Express Warranty Pesticide Claims not Pre-empted
* Shell Oil Co. Asserts Benzene Causes Cytogenetic Damage

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 3, No. 6

(May/June 1998)
arrow Lead Story: Overexposure from Legal Pesticiding: a Generation at Risk

Summary Articles:

* Outbreak of CFS from SBS Incident in School
* ELF EMFs Alter Membrane Structure of Human Lymphocytes
* Objective Upper Airway Abnormalities in MCS
* Sperm Density Decline Confirmed
* Evident of Neurobiological Processes in Odor Intolerance
* Workers Comp Awarded for MCS from Pharmaceutical
* Novel Neurologic Testimony Allowed in Silicone Case
* U. of MN Disability Services MCS Accommodation Guidelines
* Mixed EPA Recommendations for Development Toxicity Tests
* Quaker Oats, MIT Settle Suit for Radioactive Cereal Study
* Latex Allergy Plaintiff awarded $1 Million
* Damaging Tobacco Documents Released Over Internet
* Connecticut Gov-r Establishes MCS Awareness Week

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 3, No. 5

(March/April 1998)
arrow Lead Story: Pesticide Testing and Formulation Claims Not Preempted: Dow Accused of Suppressing Dursban Research

Summary Articles:

* Toxic Effects Observed for Air Freshener Emissions
* Respiratory Problems from Newly Painted Indoor Surfaces
* Blood Flow Correlates with Toxic Encephalopathy Symptoms
* Working Toward a Research Definition Consensus for MCS
* Diagnostic Markers of MCS Based on Objective Evidence
* MRI and Other Clinical findings in Silicone Patients
* Electric Blankets Associated with Pregnancy Loss
* Cosmetic Products with Mineral Oil Trigger Asthma
* Pesticide Hazard Notification Not Preempted
* Asbestos Firms Sue Tobacco Companies
* Lockheed Workers Awarded $20 Million for Neurologic Damage
* DuPont assessed $23.8 Million for Defective Pesticide
* Clinical Science v. Hard Science Admissibility Reheard
* Washington state Recommends MCS & CFIDS Accommodations
* Carbon Monoxide Accident Coverage Not Barred

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 3, No. 4

(January/February 1998)
arrow Lead Story: Allowing Clinicians to Testify Without "Hard" Science: A Case of RADS

Summary Articles:

* Study Finds Litigious Patients Don't Misrepresent Symptoms More than Nonlitigants
* Town Health Problems and Chemical Sensitivity from Refinery
* P300 in Objective Assessment of Toxic Encephalopathy
* EMFs Inhibit Cholinesterases and Impair Brain Function
* Antioxidant Properties of Honey Examined
* Neuroimmunologic Findings for Chronic Fatigue and Silicone
* Carpet Vacuuming Stirs Asbestos Fibers
* Fetal Tobacco Smoke Exposure Causes Behavioral Problems
* Idaho Supreme Court Allows Herbicide Express Warranty Claim
* Social Security Recognizes MCS as a Medical Impairment
* Exact Chemical Identification Not Necessary for Causation
* Label Concerns Not Pre-empted in Product Design Defect Suits
* Casino Workers Sue for Damages from ETS
* In Utero Chemical Injury Not Barred by Workers - Comp

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 3, No. 3

(Nov/December 1997)
arrow Lead Story: U.S. Federal Court Recognizes Severity of MCS Diagnosis in SSD Case

Summary Articles:

* Testing Confirms Neurologic Injury from Hazardous Waste
* Vitamin C Counters Spermicidal Genotoxic Pesticide Effects
* Lupus Linked to Industrial Pollution
* Animals Models for MCS Cholinergic Supersensitivity
* Autoantibodies Associated with Fibromyalgia & Silicone Implants
* Plasticizers and Diesel Particulates Impair Sperm Motility
* Dental Sealants Pose Estrogenic Risk
* MCS, CFS, and Fibromyalgia Overlap Chemical Sensitivities
* GAO Questions Integrity of SSA-s Disability Rejections
* ETS Settlement Shifts Burden of Proof to Industry
* Claims Leveled Against Diet Pill Manufacturers
* Upjohn Penalized for Suppressing Corticosteroid Hazards
* Gulf Vets- Wives and Children Not Allowed to Sue
* Healthcare Providers Face Strict Liability for Implants

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 3, No. 2

(Sept/October 1997)
arrow Lead Story: Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Insurance Coverage Includes Sick Building Syndrome

Summary Articles:

* "Alternative Nobel Prize" Awarded for MCS Activism
* Vitamin C Improves Immune Function in Chemically Injured
* Solvent-Exposed Individuals v. Controls: SPECT Abnormalities
* Clinician Reports Multiple Abnormalities in MCS and CFS
* Electrostatic Fields Transfer Bacteria
* Follow-up Confirms Synergistic Effects of Gulf War Chemicals
* A Case of Anaphylactic Multiple Chemical Sensitivities
* Synergy Findings Withdrawn Re: Environmental Estrogens
* Objective Test Correlates with Silicone Implant Symptoms
* Workers- Comp Awarded to MCS Claimant Injured by Carpet
* Louisiana Silicone Plaintiffs Win Round One
* ADA Suit to Protect Against Malathion Spraying "Moot"
* SBS Claimant Awarded Disability for MCS
* States Settle Tobacco Suits, Industry Concessions Gained
* Agency Initiatives Address Testing and Includes Children
* Award Against Tobacco Industry Upheld for the First Time

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 3, No. 1

(July/August 1997)
arrow Lead Story: MCS Plaintiff Wins $400,000 Verdict in Workplace Handicap Discrimination Suit

Summary Articles:

* Canada Opens MCS Clinics
* SPECT and QEEG Confirm Toxic Encephalopathy
* Pesticides from Clothing Implicated in Gulf Illness
* Formaldehyde Causes Symptoms and Antibodies in Schoolchildren
* Silicone Linked to Autoimmune and Thyroid Problems
* EMFs Enhance Free Radicals Countered by Antioxidants
* Double-Blind Study Confirms MCS Cerebral Symptoms
* Mercury Amalgam Linked with Brain Cell Changes and Antibiotic Resistance
* Kitchen Faucets Contribute to Indoor Air Pollution
* QEEG & SPECT More Accurate in Detecting Brain Abnormalities
* Flight Attendants- ETS Class Action Underway
* Broad Restrictions in Tobacco Settlement
* Establishing Medical Monitoring Funds in Toxic Exposure Cases
* Negligence & Nuisance Claims Allowed in Stray Voltage Case
* Senators Demand Tobacco CEOs Admit Lies
* Native Americans Subjected to Radiation Experiments

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 2, No. 6

(May/June 1997)
arrow Lead Story: The Global Problem of MCS Part One: Overview of Biologic Research

Summary Articles:

* Gulf Vets- Injuries Echo MCS
* Stress Increases Chemical Toxicity
* Antioxidants Protect Against DNA Damage from Chemicals
* Respiratory Inflammation Found in MCS, RUDS & RADS
* Lead May Cause Autism and Hyperactivity
* Double-Blind Electromyographic Testing Confirms MCS
* Chemical Sensitivity Plaintiff Seeks Supreme Court Review
* Class Action Filed for Contaminated School Food
* MCS Treatment Ruled Medically Necessary
* EPA Dursban Review Finds MCS - Dow Revises Marketing

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 2, No. 5

(March/April 1997)
arrow Lead Story: The Global Problem of MCS Part One: Overview of Investigative Reports- Findings

Summary Articles:

* QEEG Tests Confirm CNS Impairment in Silicone Patients
* Double-Blind Study Confirmed MCS in 1963
* Antioxidant Defenses Against Damage
* Variable EMFs Suppress Melatonin
* SPECT Confirms Abnormalities in Pesticide Poisonings
* Chemical Sensitivity as an Emerging Disease Mechanism
* ETS & Public Accommodations Under ADA
* Restaurants Subject to ADA for Smoke-Sensitive Patrons
* SSD Cases Must Consider Environmental Sensitivities
* Punitive Damages Upheld for Benzene Exposure
* Punitive Awards Taxable
* Cellular Phone Suits Pre-empted by FDA
* Workers Injured in Medfly Program Sue for Fraud
* Water Faucets with Lead Subject to Prop 65

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 2, No. 4

(January/February 1997)
arrow Lead Story: Plaintiff Awarded $4.2 Million Against DuPont in Toxic Carpet Suit

Summary Articles:

* Review Summarizes Evidence for Silicone Implant Problem
* Brain Scans Confirm Pesticide Poisoning
* Neural Impairment in Solvent-Exposed Microelectronics Workers
* Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at a Bingo Hall & Ice Rink
* Objective Sleep Abnormalities Found Even with Mild Chemical Sensitivities
* Cellular Phones Linked with Adverse EMF Exposures
* Antioxidants and Supplements Work Together to Fight Disease
* EPA Must Reveal Secret Ingredients
* $1.1 Million Awarded in Silicone Implant Case
* EPA Says FIFRA Should Not Pre-empt State Suits
* Second Class Action Filed Against Lockheed
* U.S. EEOC Determines Bell Failed to Accommodate MCS
* National Cancer Institute Statements Counteract Junk Science
* Tort Claims Allowed for Workplace Fetal Injury
* New York City Files Suit Against Tobacco Industry

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 2, No. 3

(Nov/December 1996)
arrow Lead Story: Legal Actions and Voluntary Accommodations of Chemical Sensitivity in Schools

Summary Articles:

* Antioxidants Can Protect Against Asbestos Genotoxic Damage
* Chemical Synergy Hazards Affect Both Veterans and Civilians
* Increased Cancer Risk From Polyurethane-Coated Silicone Implants
* College Adopts Scent-Free Policy to Accommodate MCS
* Pet Dogs Confirm EMF Lymphoma
* Survey Finds Chemical Sensitivities as Prevalent as Allergies
* Solvents Associated with Increased Alzheimer-s
* Air Pollution Associated with Higher Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Women
* MCS Plaintiff Granted Jury Trial Against Employer
* Private Lockheed Settlement Prompts Class Action
* Dental Mercury Warning Requirements Not Prohibited by Federal Law
* EPA Fines Companies for Violations of Chemical Reporting Requirements
* State Claims Move Forward Against Tobacco Industry
* Award for Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Contamination Affirmed
* Court Allows Citizens- Watchdog Suits for Reporting Violations
* Motorist & Officers Compensated for Chemical Injuries

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 2, No. 2

(September/October 1996)
arrow Lead Story: Chemically Sensitive Patient Wins Insurance Coverage for "Experimental" Treatment

Summary Articles:

* VOCs, Formaldehyde, and Carpet Linked with Respiratory Sensitivities
* Protective Effects of Green Tea Against Liver Toxicity and Cancer
* Journals Refuse to Publish Tobacco-Industry Funded Research
* Pesticides Cause MCS & Other Chronic Problems
* Silicone and Norplant Cause Immune and Endocrine Effects
* Chronic Fatigue Linked to Chemical Exposure
* Perfumed Hair Sprays Cause Bronchoconstriction in Healthy People
* Electromagnetic Interference Is a Growing Problem for Healthcare Devices
* Computerized Cognitive Testing Picks Up Subtle Impairment from Mercury
* Neighbors- Rights Affirmed in Chemical Trespass Suit
* $218 Million Award Granted for PCB Contamination
* Smoker Wins Case Against Tobacco Industry
* Supreme Court Ruling Leads to FIFRA Preemption Challenge
* Federal Appeals Court Upholds Global Asbestos Settlement

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 2, No. 1

(July/August 1996)
arrow Lead Story: The Healthy Hospital: Pesticide Risks and Alternatives

Summary Articles:

* Review Finds Psychogenic MCS Studies Seriously Flawed
* Over 700 Chemicals May Cause Headaches
* Pesticide Synergy: 1 + 1 = 1600
* Low Antioxidants Increase Semen-s Susceptibility to Trinitrotoluene
* PCBs & Dioxins Have Synergistic Porphyrinogenic Effects
* Silicone Found in Sites of Connective-Tissue Disease
* Gas Cooking Causes Respiratory Symptoms
* Reducing EMFs in Residential Water Main Grounding Systems
* National Council on Disability Recognizes MCS Under ADA
* Louisiana Courts the Chemical Industry
* British Columbia Allows Silicone Implant Class Action
* DuPont Loses First Benlate Birth Defect Jury Trial
* Nationwide Tobacco Class Action Suit Decertified
* Dow Chemical Loses Herbicide Case
* Asbestos Award Upheld

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 1, No. 6

(May/June 1996)
arrow Lead Story: The Healthy Hospital: Chemical Exposure & Accommodation

Summary Articles:

* Antioxidants Protect Against PCP Damage
* Carpet Toxicity Confirmed
* Video Display Unit Filters Reduce Skin Symptoms
* Perfume Strips Provoke Respiratory Symptoms
* Dursban Highlights OP Pesticide Birth Defects
* Mercury Amalgam Exposure v. Workplace Exposure
* Pesticide Report Addresses Immunotoxicity
* Olestra: Yet Another Grand-Scale FDA Experiment
* EPA Assesses School Floor-Buffing Hazards
* Doctor Wins Workers- Comp for MCS
* Federal Agencies Recognize MCS Under ADA
* Agent Orange Manufacturers Remain Liable
* Tribal Authority Upheld for Clean Water Standards
* Child Compensated for In Utero Vaccine Exposure
* Hospital ETS Leads to Workers- Comp Award
* Appeals Court Allows Transfer of Silicone Cases
* Tobacco Settlement Stirs Up State Actions
* Insurance Companies Lose First Round with Dow
* $204 Million Verdict Held Against Natural Gas Producer

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 1, No. 5

(March/April 1996)
arrow Lead Story: MCS Plaintiff Awarded $1 Million in Pesticide Case

Summary Articles:

* Vitamin C is an "Outstanding Antioxidant"
* Silicone Implants Associated with Elevated Autoantibodies
* Canadian Workshop Addresses IAQ Problems
* Air Pollution Increases Children-s Respiratory Conditions
* EPA Memo Reviews Dursban Cases
* MCS Porphyrinopathy Teleconference Held
* Volunteers Sought for MCS Research
* Plumbing Remedies for Ground-Current Cancer Risks
* Physician Takes Exception to MCS Psych Paper
* Study Confirms rBGH Milk Hazards
* Mercury Vapor Reduction in the Dental Office
* Attached Garages Pose Residential IAQ Problems
* Aging Increases Toxic Risks for Solvent Exposure
* EPA Finds Ventilation Problems in Schools
* HVAC Systems May Cause Indoor Air Pollution
* Landowners Reach $5 Million Settlement for Property Devaluation
* Definitive Lab Test Not Required for Disability
* DuPont Sanctioned $115 Million for Withholding Data
* Maquiladoras Settle Birth Defect Suit
* Cigarette Filter Causes Cancer
* Prenatal Injury Claim Not Barred by Workers- Comp
* Info Available on New Silicone Settlement Offer
* EPA Charges Dow for Negligent Reporting
* DuPont Pays Reporters to Participate in Pesticide PR
* Award Upheld for Toxic Encephalopathy from Benzene

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 1, No. 4

(January/February 1996)
arrow Lead Story: Deliberate Intent and Tort of Outrage: Disabled Boeing Workers Win Right to Sue

Summary Articles:

* MCS Study Indicates Neurotoxic Trigger
* Ibuprofen May Promote Deadly Bacteria
* Day-Care Center Dioxins Suppress Immunity
* Tetrachloroethylene: Hidden Warnings for Customers
* Airway Resistance in MCS Patients
* Epstein-Barr Virus Activation Associated with Chemicals
* Low-Level Mercury Exposure Raises Porphyrins & Affects Behavior
* RDAs for Antioxidants: Disease Prevention v. Health Promotion
* Silicone Residuals Cause Chronic Symptoms
* Alzheimer-s Linked with EMF Exposures
* Incinerator Efficacy Shows Wide Variability
* Carpet & Furnishings Reduce Air Clearance Rate of VOCs
* Student Wins Negligence Case Against School
* Workers- Comp Awarded for Carpet Sensitivity
* Private Testing Leads to Stray Voltage Award
* Dow Acknowledges Recognition of MCS
* Medical Evidence Need Not Be Conclusive
* Judge Rules Nicotine Documents in Public Domain
* Dow Chemical Assessed for Fraud in Silicone Ruling
* Silicone Implant Settlement Offer Revised
* CA Dept. of Justice Recognizes MCS
* Asbestos Settlement Challenged
* Fine Leads to Toxics Use Reduction
* Prison Sentence for Illegal PCB Disposal Upheld

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 1, No. 3

(Nov/December 1995)
arrow Lead Story: Duty to Disclose Off-Site Chemical Hazards

Summary Articles:

* CMHC Builds Safer Housing
* Altered Neurotransmitters May Contribute to CF and MCS
* SBS Gender Bias Imperils Women-s Health
* Increased Respiratory Illness in School Children is Associated with Formaldehyde
* The Critical Balance of Antioxidants
* Toluene: Solvent for Perfumes, Explosives, and Pesticides
* SPECT Scan Correlates with Toxic Exposure Symptoms
* Former Pesticide Workers Still Show Abnormal Porphyrins
* Review of Amalgam Evidences Biological Risk
* Elevated Antibodies Associated with Silicone Implants
* Childhood Leukemia Related to EMF Combinations
* Workers- Comp MCS Medical Treatment Benefits Awarded
* Silicone Implants: The Case Must Go On
* HUD Recognizes MCS as Disability
* Multimillion $ Settlement Negotiated in Canada
* Stray Voltage Award Upheld
* Citizens Win DEET Turnabout Case
* Lockheed Workers Win Decision Based on Inadequate Warning
* $180 Million Settlement Reached for Toxic Accident Near San Francisco
* TLPJ Addresses Pesticide Drift and Poisoning of Farm Workers
* Family Accepts E. Coli Settlement
* $4.1 Million Awarded for Trichloroethane Contamination
* Pesticide Manufacturers Agree to Pay Cleanup Costs in Fresno
* Disposal in Dumpsters Places Housing Complex at Risk
* Oil Companies Can't Hide Behind "Independent" Service Stations

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 1, No. 2

(Sept/October 1995)
arrow Lead Story: EMFs Increase Chemical Uptake In the Brain

Summary Articles:

* SPECT Scan Shows Impairment
* Xylenes: Solvents for Drugs, Dyes, Pesticides
* SBS May Precipitate Chronic Fatigue
* Cellular Phones Disrupt Pacemakers
* Silicone Workshop Finds Humans at Risk
* EMF Survey
* Carpet Dust and Kids- Hands Retain Pesticides
* Chemicals & Antioxidants Affect Raynaud-s Phenomenon
* Norplant May Cause Depression & Panic Disorder
* Sulfonamide Drugs Can Cause Autoimmunity
* General Electric Accused of Willful Concealment of Hazards
* $20 Million IAQ Suit Filed
* Workers Comp Benefits Upheld for MCS in Hawaii
* HUD Recognizes Formaldehyde Sensitivity
* Implant Cases Move Forward Against Dow
* Radiation Exposure Leads to Wrongful Death Suit
* Vaccine Suits Must Prove No Previous Symptoms
* Eureka! Lab Fakes Data
* Neighbors May Be Liable for Chemical Contamination
* Dioxin Suits Allowed for "Fear of Cancer"
* Court Limits Attys- Fees for Dalkon Trust Distributions
* Shell Oil Settles Suit for $2.2 Million
* Farmer Wins Benlate Suit

Medical & Legal Briefs Vol. 1, No. 1

(July/August 1995)
arrow Lead Story: Falling Sperm Counts and Chemicals

Summary Articles:

* Sperm Density in Organic Farmers
* Altered Brainwaves in MCS Patients
* Utility Workers and Brain Cancer
* Animal Model for MCS
* Fatigue Syndromes May Be Related to Enzyme Abnormalities
* Internal EPA Memo Warns Against Dursban Use
* Altered Chemosensory Potentials in Epilepsy
* Pesticide Levels Higher Indoors
* Food Additives & Chemicals Affect Children-s Behavior
* Facts on Trichloroethylene
* Dow Corning Files Chapter 11
* Airline-Pesticiding Suit Seeks Members for Class Action
* Electric Worker's Family Files Wrongful Death Suit
* Judge Upholds Workers Comp Benefits for MCS
* Fair Housing Act Settlement Accommodates MCS
* Social Security Recognizes MCS
* Free Cereal from General Mills
* Strict Liability for Clinicians Who Sell Products
* Boeing and DOD Agree to Multi-Million Cleanup Bill
* U.S. Army and Shell Oil Co. to Pay for Cleanup
* State Sues Tobacco Industry