Chemical Injury Information Network

A support and advocacy organization for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) and those that care for them.

Run by the chemically injured for the benefit of the chemically injured and focuses primarily on education, credible research into MCS and the empowerment of the chemically injured.

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Chemical Injury Strategies book

The New Book From CIIN

Strategies for Surviving Chemical Sensitivity, the Basics
by Dr. Robert S. Mayer

Finally, the book every MCS sufferer needs. Dr. Robert Mayer has taken suggestions and techniques learned from his own experiences, as well as those tried and suggested by many people who are "Chemically Sensitive." Dr. Mayer requested contributions from the readers of Our Toxic Times and many of the responses are included in this book.

Over 200 pages of help for coping with:

  • Finding a physician
  • Getting treatment
  • How to live in this world
  • Finding an automobile
  • Managing your exposures in and out of your home
  • Even ideas on how you can still have fun!

A must read for the chemically sensitive and those who love them!

$20.00 including S/H

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Made possible by a grant from Mark & Chilton Pope

Chemical Exposure Book

Other Books From CIIN

Chemical Exposure and Human Health
A Reference to 314 Chemicals with a Guide to Symptoms
by Cynthia Wilson

The classic MCS sufferer's volume on the known health effects of chemical exposures. Written by Cynthia Wilson, the founder and Executive Director of Chemical Injury Information Network, it remains the most valuable source of chemical information written by a lay person about the health hazards from everyday chemical exposures. The sections on Symptoms and Potential Causes, Sources of Exposures and the Chemical Directory are priceless.

The book was originally priced at $55.00 and is no longer in print. 345 pages $20.00 including S/H.

Used but unscented copies.

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CIIN provides its members:

  1. Expert Witness / Doctor referrals
  2. Attorney referrals
  3. A list of organization(s) in the state where the member resides
  4. A list of CIIN members for the state where the member resides
  5. Referrals to experts in the fields of Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMF's), Less-Toxic Pesticide and Weed Control, etc.
  6. CIIN's monthly newsletter,Our Toxic Times
  7. Materials for educational events, such as Earth Day booths
  8. Resource materials

CIIN is involved in:

  1. Educational support services for advancing the understanding of chemically related health problems, including MCS
  2. Providing testimony on state and federal legislation that directly impacts the MCS community and toxic concerns
  3. The Chemical Impact Project sponsored by the Tides Foundation
  4. Founding the National Coalition of the Chemical Injured
  5. Bringing national media attention to chemically-induced health issues
  6. Educating federal legislators on issues of concern to the MCS community
Headquartered in White Sulphur Springs, MT

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